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School governors and other senior leaders took part in a Pre-Start meeting with the HCC Team and Apex Contractors Ltd (the development contractors) on 9th September 2022.


Weekly meetings took place throughout the academic year to ensure that that the project ran as smoothly as possible.


The building works commenced on 26th October 2022 and the school welcomed 60 Reception pupils in September 2023.


Progress Update – December 2022

  • Reduced level dig completed and piling mat installed
  • Excavation completed for attenuation tank
  • Foul and surface water drainage installed to the rear of the building



Progress Update – January 2023

  • Attenuation tank and associated storm drainage completed
  • 99No 9m piles installed
  • Excavations for reinforced concrete ground beams commenced















Progress Update February 2023

  • Concrete ground beams formed - 8 tonnes of steel reinforcement encased in 100 cubic metres of concrete
  • Storm drainage completed to east elevation
  • Substructure blockwork commenced
















Progress Update March 2023

  • Substructure blockwork completed
  • Beam and block ground floor installed
  • Substructure brickwork to damp course completed
  • Scaffold erection commenced















Progress Update May 2023

  • Scaffold erected
  • Drainage connections completed
  • Block work below frame completed
  • Installation of timber frame underway



Progress Update June 2023

  • Ground floor structure completed
  • Pre-cast concrete floor and stairs installed
  • First floor structure ongoing




























Progress Update July/August 2023

  • Timber frame installation completed
  • Mechanical and electrical installation commenced
  • External cladding commenced
  • Refurbishment works to main school commenced


Progress Update October 2023

  • 1st floor walls closed
  • Ground floor wall closures nearing completion
  • Toilet floors and IPS installed
  • Hall ceiling installed and acoustic panels ongoing
  • Brick slip cladding to facade ongoing
  • New sports pitches seeded



























Progress Update November 2023

  • All walls closed and decorations ongoing
  • Ceiling installation ongoing throughout
  • Underfloor heating and screed to hall complete
  • Mechanical and electrical installation ongoing
  • Carpentry works ongoing
  • Vinyl floor installation commenced
  • Rockpanel cladding installed to hall and scaffolding removed
  • Composite cladding works ongoing 















Progress Update December 2023

  • New Key Stage 2 Block completed
  • Sports flooring to hall and sports equipment installed
  • Mechanical and electrical systems tested and commissioned
  • External cladding works completed
  • External works to form playgrounds ongoing