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Mandeville Action Takers

The voice of the pupils at Mandeville is of utmost importance. In line with this belief, and to allow the children of all ages in the school an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions, the whole school meets in small groups to discuss topical issues and to share school improvement ideas.


The meetings occur at least half-termly and, although a staff member is present in each group, the representatives from Year 6 organise, chair and minute the meetings. All other pupils in the school are divided amongst the groups in order to have a cross section of ages at each gathering. Each meeting group shares their ideas for consideration and contributes to the decisions that are made.


During each term, the charity the Mandeville Action Takers support is agreed and fundraising ideas are decided upon. Money is raised for either a specific charity, such as the NSPCC, for an appeal, such as the Hertfordshire Air Ambulance, or for national television campaigns, e.g. Children in Need.


The pupils of Mandeville also raise money for their own Mandeville Action Takers account. This is a special fund that is used to purchase items selected by the children to improve the school. This money is only spent once the meeting groups have voted on any proposals that are put forward.


The Mandeville Action Takers has in the past discussed with enthusiasm topics such as: the routines in the dining hall, the choice of new furniture in the entrance area to the school and equipment for playtimes.


The pupils at Mandeville Primary School are highly respected, as are their viewpoints and the decisions they make in Mandeville Action Takers groups. Through these meetings, the children begin to understand that they have a voice and that their voice is valued. They also, regardless of age, have an opportunity of learning how to share that voice in a formal setting and to understand the importance of democracy. In addition, our Year 6 pupils learn how to effectively lead and manage others.



The aims of Mandeville Action Takers meetings are:

  • to be a voice for the children of Mandeville School;
  • to suggest ideas which will promote improvements throughout the school;
  • to provide a link between the school and the local community;
  • to support fundraising events.



Over the years the there have been many successes. Here are some of them:

  • organising fundraising events for Children in Need and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance;
  • improving the school playground;
  • providing a ‘Tea Party’ to thank governors, parents and carers.


Current Projects

Currently, the members of the Mandeville Action Takers are working on the following:

  • selecting a new charity for which to raise funds;
  • developing the outside learning area.