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“My three children currently attend Mandeville and each has been incredibly happy at every stage, from Nursery to Year 6. My children have become confident learners who happily trot into school each day. Every teacher and member of staff goes out of their way to support the children and they use a diverse range of teaching techniquesto ensure that every child gets the most out of their education. In particular, we’ve found the SEN support that the school offers to be really impressive and collaborative.”  

Mandeville Parent – Children in Years 1, 3 and 6


“My children couldn't be happier at Mandeville. They have been supported by the teachers to develop at their own pace and to their own abilities to achieve their best. The teaching staff are very caring and this extends throughout the entire school. I have no doubt it is this ethos which has led to them having such a positive and happy experience. It's a fantastic school!” 

Mandeville Parent – Children in Years 2, 3 and 6


“The school embodies for me everything primary education should be. It is a safe and nurturing learning environment with exceptional teaching staff. The children are encouraged, praised and given guidance with consistency. The enthusiasm and positive attitude of all staff can be felt throughout the school resulting in children feeling happy and valued, and eager to learn and do their best.”

Mandeville Parent – Child in Year 6


“My four boys have all been to Mandeville and my youngest is still there. They all enjoyed their time there where there is exceptional teaching, friendly, approachable and empathetic staff, and Kara Hales is a dedicated, enthusiasticHeadteacher. Along with a varied, fun curriculum, there are also a wealth of enrichment activities. Mandeville is a happy, safe place, where children want to go to learn.” 

Mandeville Parent – Child in Year 3


“As our youngest enters Year 6 our three boys have accumulated over 22 years of schooling at Mandeville. Throughout these years, the school has consistently been excellent, from teachers to support and admin staff.”

Mandeville Parent – Child in Year 6


“My daughters are incredibly happy at Mandeville. They feel safe and supported and can’t wait to be in school each morning. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”
Mandeville Parent – Children in Years 3 and 6


“Mandeville is a fantastic school and I’m so grateful that my son is being educated here. We feel that they know our child as an individual, know his strengths and his weaknesses and support him in all aspects of his development. Mandeville provides a caring environment and nurtures pupils while challenging them to explore and develop their individual strengths. The staff are outstanding and are clearly committed to the wellbeing of all the children in their care.”

Mandeville Parent – Child in Year 5