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Online Safety

The internet and associated technologies, including mobile devices such as phones, gaming media, tablets and smart watches are developing rapidly and are integral to children's daily lives. Many of these technologies are used in the classroom to enable pupils to engage creatively with their learning. In school, the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning provides for a safe and secure online environment.


Socially children often use the internet for entertainment, interaction and communication with ‘friends’ – bringing about new risks which many adults were not faced with. It has never been more important for parents/carers to understand how their children use the internet and related technologies, so that they can help to manage the risks that exist and reinforce the important eSafety messages that we should all be promoting.


At Mandeville Primary, we follow the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE), which promotes the safe and responsible use of ICT. The planning input offers a progressive approach to eSafety throughout the primary phase with in-built opportunities to assess pupils understanding and awareness.


Many parents/carers seek advice on how they can help their children to 'Stay Safe' online outside of school. We hold regular information sessions for parents/carers, including yearly updates led by a Herts Adviser. In addition, we provide newsletters and key guidance to support.

If you have any eSafety concerns with regard to education, please contact us directly. If the issue is concerning access to the internet at home, please refer to the help pages on your internet service provider website.