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Richard Whisker, Vice Chair of FGB, Chair of Resources

Category of Governor: Parent


Term of Office: 07/10/2023-06/10/2027


Positions of Responsibility: Vice Chair of the Governing Body, Chair of the Resources Committee, Curriculum Subject Link Governor for Mathematics and Science. I am also a member of the School Travel Team.


In my role as a Governor of the school, I can confirm that I have no business interests connected to the school or any other educational establishment, nor do I have any relationship with any other Governor.  


I am married to Sarah Whisker, who is the current EYFS leader and Reception teacher at Mandeville. I will do my best to avoid any conflicts of interest this could create, including by removing myself from discussions as appropriate.


I have lived in Sawbridgeworth since 2007. I have a background in science, and now work at the Bank of England. I have two daughters, one of which has been through Mandeville and one of which is still at the school - both are/were very happy at the school! I enjoy contributing to the important work of the Governing Board in supporting Mandeville with its continued success and development.