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PE and Sports


At Mandeville Primary School, we recognise that a high-quality physical education curriculum should inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport. It should provide opportunities for children to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to engage in competitive sport and activities develops their competence and also helps to embed values such as fairness and respect.


Recent events have included...


Rapid Fire Cricket

"We went to a Rapid Fire Cricket competition on Thursday 5th December. It was held at HECC. Mrs Brett and Mrs Barrett picked out four boys and four girls to come to this competition. We got into the semi-finals against Windhill 21 and we only lost by 7 runs. We had a good first game, which we won 62-33! All of the team members improved throughout the day. We mad a lot of progress working as a team and we really enjoyed it."

by Jacob, Oliver and Ava, Year 4







Tag Rugby Tournament

"On Thursday 21st November, ten children were chosen to compete in the tag rugby tournament at Leventhorpe School. Our first game was against Spellbrook and we won 5-3. Our second game was against St Andrews and we lost 5-2. In the next game we were against Hatfield Heath and we struggled. They were a really good team and they ended up winning heavily. After that we had a little team talk before we played the fourth game, but unfortunately we lost that game too. The next game was the game we really wanted to win. It was against Reedings. It could have gone either way but unfortunately we lost that one too. The next game was against High Wych. We lost it but it we could have won. The referee made some decisions that didn't go our way."

by Luis and Ethan, Year 6


Hockey Tournament

"On the 24thOctober 2019, Mandeville took part in a hockey tournament at Birchwood High School. Before we arrived at the pitches we all had our photo taken. Next, we were split into 3 squads of 10. We took our hockey sticks and went off to our separate pitches. We talked about tactics to our squads and sorted out who would play in the first match. 


In our first match we didn't do as well as we hoped, but we still had lots of fun! Before our second match we watched other games and picked up new tactics. We did better in our second match but still made a few mistakes. We WON our third match! We were so pleased with ourselves! In our last match we still did great and drew! We kind of knew that we wouldn't be continuing in the top 4, but Mrs Brett (one of our coaches) checked anyway. We made our way back to the coach very pleased with ourselves. We came back to school and ate our very well deserved lunch!"

by Emily W and Joshua, Year 5 Maltings



Cross Country Competition

“On Friday 11th October 2019, selected pupils from key stage 2 went to Leventhorpe School cross country. We felt a little nervous and then, after doing the warm up run led by some Leventhorpe students, we felt better, more prepared and relaxed for our race. Then we watched and supported the other year groups. Next we were called over and Mr Palmer explained the course to us: Year 5 girls and boys do 2 laps of the Leventhorpe field. It was very windy and wet. Annabel came 4th, Daisy 5th, Jake 6th and Harrison came 16th. We all felt very tired. We waited for the rest of key stage 2 to finish and got our tracksuit back on. We scored 729 points! It was very fun.”

by Daisy M and Annabel, Year 5 Rivers



Tri-golf Competition

"We went to tri-golf. It was very (and I mean VERY)  fun and we beat our mortal enemy, Reedings! Everyone loved it and Olly was a very good chipper and Romer was a very good putter. We came 4th out of 11 schools. When I told some people they were very happy. Please let us go again! Please!" 

by Harry, Year 4


"We went to tri-golf. It took place at Birchwood High School on Thursday 10th October 2019. 10 pupils were selected from year 4. We came 4th out of 11 schools. It was really fun. I learned what tri-golf was. I felt excited, happy and nervous. We did lots of different, fun tri-golf games in the tri-golf competition. The people who were explaining what we needed to do were really good at explaining it. I would love to do it again or something like it. We had great team members. We LOVED it and would all love to go and do a tri-golf competition again."

by Sophie, Year 4



Tag Rugby Festival

"On the 3rd  October we went to a tag rugby festival. First we had a quick break for lunch, then we got split into three groups. We were all excited to start the festival. It wasn’t about how many tries you scored it was about having fun and sportsmanship. We had small breaks after each game. It was so much fun we hope to experience this again. Thank you for reading our write up!"

by Ava & Jake, Year 5 Maltings


"Some Year fives went to a tag rugby festival on Thursday 3rd October 2019 at Bishop Stortford Rugby Club. We played 4-5 games of tag rugby. We learned how to show good sportsmanship and to play fairly. We felt confident and excited for the event. It was fun because we didn’t need to worry about winning because it was a festival not a tournament. We would love to do something like this again although we would also want someone else to get to have a go."

by Chloe W & Honey, Year 5 Rivers