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Kevin Stride

Category of Governor: Parent


Term of Office: 14/07/2014-13/07/2018


Positions of Responsibility: Member of the Finance and Premises Committee and Focus Link Governor for Special Education Needs and Disabilities, and Science. I am also the Class Link Governor for Year 2 Rivers.


In my role as a Governor of the school I can confirm that I have no business interests connected to the school or any other educational establishment, nor do I have any relationship with any other Governor or member of staff of the school.


I am pleased to have this opportunity to become more involved in the school over the next few years. I have lived in Sawbridgeworth for eight years and now have two children at Mandeville, in Year 2 Maltings and Year 5. My interests are varied but are predominantly linked to the environment, outdoors and practical skills. I hope to bring my interest in these areas to the school through the Governing Body.