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Kate Clark

Category of Governor: Parent


Term of Office: 01/02/2012-31/01/2016


Positions of Responsibility: Member of the School Development Committee and Focus Link Governor for PE and Sports Provision, Eco Schools, Travel Plan and History. I am also the Press Link Governor and Class Link Governor for Year 3.


In my role as a Governor of the school I can confirm that I have no business interests connected to the school or any other educational establishment, nor do I have any relationship with any other Governor or member of staff of the school.


I have four boys. The eldest has recently left Mandeville to go to Leventhorpe, but I still have two in the school and the youngest is still at home. I try and go into Mandeville to help whenever I can, such as with reading, school trips or special workshop days.


I'm looking forward to getting to know the children in my class and seeing them develop and progress at Mandeville.